About us

PB Enterprises was founded in 2005, in order to promote the experiences made during a career lasting for 37 years in the technical development and project management in aerospace industry also after becoming a pensioner and to consult other companies in that field, in particular in the area of avionic systems, test systems, ground support systems and aircrew synthetic training aids with simulators. (Aerospace Consulting).

Today the emphasis lies in the field of technical- and marketing-consulting, also extending the activities into the organisation of international conferences. From 2005 till 2020.

With a second area of activities, PB Enterprises engages itself also as publishing house, in order to offer a podium for modern art and poetry, travel books and literature. We are advising and producing print-products (books, brochure, catalogues) and also e-books. (Publishing House). We also produce catalogues or brochures for exhibitions, on your request.

Today the main emphasis lies in producing brochures and catalogues (print) and e-books, also advising for publication of print- and e-books. Since 2005 - ongoing.

Our e-mail address is paul.bross@pb-enterprises.eu 
and alternatively also            paul.bross@t-online.de